The customer’s experience

Hey, Geoff and Alice here. We are blessed enough to have a Husqvarna Automower installed on our yard(1.13 acres). With a yard that size, our summer is usually consumed with maintenance. We had done a few things to make the yard lower in maintenance. However, September 1 had me wishing for snow so I could stop mowing the lawn. Jeeves, our mower, has cut 6 hours a week out of maintenance. Our grass looks amazing and it always looks trimmed. All we have to do is trim around trees and rocks. We can leave on vacation and not come back to a jungle. We looked at a riding mower but the cost would be similar or more and we would still have to do the work. If we move, we would get another Automower. James has been amazing to work with and has been a huge help. Happy mowing to the rest of you. I am enjoying my coffee as Jeeves does the work! 


Jeeves is our demo Automower 450XH. He’s got all the great features of the 450X but this is the high cut model which has a cutting height of 50mm-90mm. Geoff and Alice have a beautiful 1.13-acre yard with about 2400 square meters (.6 acres) of lawn.

March 28 – Day 1

Day 1 of Jeeves at work. We have had almost no rain at this point and it is DRY.

June 5 – Day 8

Still very little rain. Geoff fertilized with Ground Keeper on June 1 and put his sprinkler to work. The trenching lines are almost gone and the lawn is starting to have some life in it. Geoff is almost ready to put his push mowers up for sale and is enjoying not having to mow after a long day at work.

June 12 – Day 15

Well, we got a little rain finally in the past few days. Jeeves cutting height is a little high right now for the type of lawn we are working with so we will be lowering the height shortly and should be seeing some much nicer results.

June 18 – Day 21

Now THAT is a beautiful lawn! The cutting height was lowered considerably earlier this week and the results are fantastic. This is one of the nicest lawns in town, rivalled only by those who spend countless hours every week watering, fertilizing and mowing. This lawn was fertilized once and is watered once or twice a week depending on rainfall. Geoff is saving 5-6 hours a week by simply letting the Automower work for him.